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Best Routes to Lençóis - BA

Getting to Lençóis by bus

Lençóis is a city of Bahia state, located 415km away from Salvador and known as the gateway of Chapada Diamantina. With stunning landscapes, this beautiful place is a great destination for tourists who enjoy being in touch with nature.Places like Serrano Municipal Park, Ribeirão do Meio, Poço do Diabo, Morro do Pai Inácio and the many waterfalls receive visitors looking for adventure and nature walks. During the day, the city is empty, because travelers are usually on the trails, but at night, the streets of Baderna, Praça das Pedras and Horario Matos are full of visitors, due to the bars and restaurants located there.

Lençois gets buses from other cities in Bahia. The travel time and frequency of bus departures to Lençóis varies depending on the city of origin.The bus company responsible for the routes is Rapido Federal, and if you need any information, the telephone number is 0800 280 7325.

When to go to Lençóis

All year! The dry season is between May and October and the rainy season is from November to April, but even in winter, the city is pure party, which helps you to choose any date that you find more convenient to travel. The minimum stay time to visit this region is approximately four days, but if you want to know the majority of tourist spots in this region, you should book at least seven days.

Lençóis Bus Station:

The Lençóis bus station is located in Sr. Passos Avenue, s / n, in the Downtown. If you need any help or advice from the bus station, you can always call to the telephone number (75) 3334-1112, but it's not cerain if they will be able to speak English.

Main bus routes to Lençóis

Salvador to Lençóis: The trip lasts 6 hours and four buses depart daily since 7 am. Palmeiras to Lençóis: The trip lasts 50 minutes and three buses depart daily since 6:40 am. Feira de Santana to Lençóis: The trip lasts four hours and 45 minutes and three buses depart daily since 8:20. Ibotirama to lençóis: The trip lasts 5 hours and one bus departs daily.

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