Bus to cities around the Rio de Janeiro

Enjoy the 2016 Games to travel by bus to other cities in Rio de Janeiro State

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I begin writing this post with only one certainty in mind: RIO GAMES 2016 ARE ARRIVING AND IF YOU ARE PROGRAMMING TO SPEND A WONDERFUL SEASON IN the CITY TO ENJOY IT YOU CAN NOT LOSE the chance to visit nearby cities of Rio de Janeiro by bus.

Obviously, dear reader, you must be wondering: Why this certainty?

Let me explain:

1 - There are several cities that you spend an average of 2h / 3h by BUS from Rio de Janeiro. The city of Rio de Janeiro has many surrounding towns that are wonderful as Rio. The best is that you can visit them for not being so far away.

2 Rio Games 2016 will take place in August, so we will not be in high season, so take advantage of buying bus tickets to get to know other cities other than Rio de Janeiro that will not be so crowded.

3. No one disagrees that Rio´s beaches are wonderful, but also we cannot disagree that the State also has great beaches, for example, Paraty, Angra dos Reis, Buzios, Cabo Frio , Saquarema etc, so plan ahead and don’t waste your time while in Rio 2016 Games. Just buy your ticket and travel to your favorite destination. All routes are done by bus companies.

That´s right, it’s the opportunity to meet new incredible places!

Now that we have excited your desire to get in the road, we cannot disappoint you.

Check the tips below on how to buy your bus ticket, as well as how to go from Rio to other cities that are worth visiting.

If you are excited to meet Búzios ( Brazilian Saint-Tropez) don’t hesitate, going by bus is the best option. This voyage is done by Auto Viação 1001 (bus company). The trip takes around 2h40min and is done with conventional class buses (see more). The bus leaves Novo Rio Bus Station (Rodoviária) (It is located next to Rio de Janeiro downtown and is located near main roads on Rio´s entrance), and arrives at Buzios.

Good activities are not scarse in Búzios. During daytime, walk through the beaches is a must do activity. Practing sports, eating local food, flerting or just resting are alternatives. The boat tours are good options to enjoy the beautiful cenários from other angles. At night, all road leads to "Rua das Pedras" street, at Orla Bardot, full of charming restaurants, pleasant bars and people from all "tribes".

Other good destiny that you can go by bus is Cabo Frio. The bus company is the Auto Viação 1001. The trip lasts around 2h30min, but the arrival is after around 2h05min to 3h10min, and its done by conventional class buses (see more). The bus departs from Novo Rio Bus Station and arrives at Cabo Frio destination.

The best thing to do in Cabo Frio is to enjoy daytime, under the sunlight you can surf, dive, and tour by boat. Enjoy the end of the day to walk through the sands along the fort chilling around "Praça das Aguas" square and the giant skate park. Another good option is to shop at Rua dos Biquínis street and dinner on many restaurants of Boulevard Canal.

Furthermore, if you are willing to visit Saquarema city, national surf point, it is simple. Bus departs on Novo Rio Bus Station. The bus company that attend this line is Auto Viação 1001 also. The trip last between 1h30min and 2h05min. The route is done by conventional class buses (see more). And you can choose 2 points of arrival: Saquarema or Bacaxá (Saquarema district).

Surfer´s paradise, Saquarema offers good waves and many beaches, specially Itaúna. But the thin and white sands and kiosks infra structures also attracts families and people who don´t have too much intimacy with board sports. Rock n´roll fans have an must do activity: visiting the Rock Temple, which works on Serguei´s rocker house, the host of the house. But the volleyball lovers can meet at the "Centro de Desenvolvimento do Voleibol" (Volleyball Development Center) a little bit of Brazilian victorious team´s history.

Other sure point you must go is Angra dos Reis. The bus journey lasts 3h30min. The bus company responsible for this route is Viação Costa Verde. The route is done by conventional class buses (see more). The departure is at Novo Rio Bus Station and final destination is Angra dos Reis.

In Angra dos Reis the see is the best option. By boat, you can enjoy most of the incredible activities of the place, like diving in the middle of colorful fishes, walking around liveliest or desert beaches, snacking at bars, or dancing until sunrise at "Praia do Dentista" beach. The crowded city center of Angra brings colonial constructions which deserve a visit.

At last but not least, Paraty is a good place and is worth visiting. The bus travel lasts 4h30min. The bus company responsible is Viação Costa Verde. The route is done with conventional buses (see more). Departs from Novo Rio Bus Station and arrives at Paraty.

Paraty, on one side, is history and culture. From another side is untouched nature. To get to know all faces from Paraty, bet on a contemplative schedule that covers a visit on the Historic Center or a diving time on the islands (Vila Trindade´s beaches), to a walking at "Caminho do Ouro" (Gold Pathway) and waterfalls and the Dolls Theater.

That’s it folks. To acquire your bus tickets just access www.brasilbybus.com and get your bus seat with your desired destination.