Bus Stations in Brazil

Check out all about the main bus stations in Brazil and book your bus tickets online.

The 70s and 80s were years of great change for Brazil. With the increasing influx of people from different cities and states, the construction of new bus stations in major Brazilian cities was necessary. The years passed, and the bus terminals in Brazil were in need of improvements, today it’s possible to find epic moderns bus stations all over the country with the main bus companies such as Cometa, Util, 1001 and Itapemirim. Among the main stations you can find Rio de Janeiro Bus Station, Tiete Bus Station, Belo Horizonte Bus Station, Florianopolis Bus Station, Curitiba Bus Station, Fortaleza Bus Station and more. Check out informations about the main bus stations in Brazil, its history, cover areas, services offered (Baggage Storage, lost and found, information counter, accessibility and more) and book your bus tickets online for your trip in Brazil.