Choose the right bus for your trip in Brazil

Check out the bus types for your trip

Por Claudia L.

When you plan a bus trip in Brazil, its essential to take into consideration the kind of bus you are traveling with. They differ from each other by price, comfort and offered services.

The characteristics of each bus class, just like their names, may vary according to each bus company, however, the main ones are: Conventional Bus, Executive, Semi-Sleep and Sleeper Bus.

• Conventional (Conv, Conv c/ Ar, Convencional): The Conventional bus class is the simplest and the cheapest one. Usually the seats are reclined and quilted, and they offer air-conditioning and toilet. This kind of bus is recommended for short distance trips.

Executive (Exe, Executivo): The Executive bus class is one step forward from the Conventional bus. Usually, besides the air-conditioning, padded and reclined seats, pressured bathroom, some companies offer mineral water and an even better seats in terms of comfort.

Half Sleeper (Semi-leito): The half sleeper bus class is a big comfort revolution when compared with the ones we referred to before. The seats are reclined (almost fully) and more comfortable. Air conditioning, mineral water and extra services like blankets and pillows are included in the bus ticket price. In some companies, the Executive buses are equivalent to the Half Sleeper buses.

• Sleeper (Leito): The Sleeper Bus Class is the most comfortable bus available for your trip, an option to really feel at home. It's ideal for long, tiring or night trips, when you don't want to loose tour precious sleep time. With slightly higher price than the other options, the Sleeper Bus has air-conditioning, wider and fully reclining seats with leg rests, TV and DVD player, and the blanket, pillow and mineral water service.

The companies, however, can offer an even more comfortable fleet, with different services. Inquire about the fleet of the company before you formalize your choice.