Tips for a pleasant bus ride

Everything can be more comfortable in your bus trip!

Por Lys Silva

There is nothing better than a nice and relaxed trip, where the only concern is to appreciate the landscape and enjoy the ride. To this calm and quiet trip became reality, Brasil by Bus selected some very useful tips to your next travel.

1. Choose the bus type: To choose the right bus type you must take into account the distance and how long you going to stay inside of it. For long trips, the ones that lasts more than five hours, the best idea is to choose a more comfortable bus, like the ones called leito or semi-leito, because they have more recliners and extra services such as the provision of blankets and pillows.

2. Buy the ticket online: Buying your ticket online is the easiest way of getting your travel ticket. Even being very easy, you must always have in mind that is necessary to exchange the voucher for the ticket at the bus company booth before getting inside the bus.

3. Right time to reach the bus station: It is important to arrive at the bus station at least, one hour before the scheduled time for the departure of the bus, especially if you still need to exchange the voucher for the ticket at the bus company booth. This avoids rush and stress. Arrive even earlier is a good case if you are going to travel on holidays eve, because the bus stations tend to be much more full than usual on those dates.

4. Stops on the road: The stop time must be respected. When you leave the bus, ask the driver the departure time and do not be late to avoid the risk of losing the bus. Enjoy the stop to stretch your legs remember to eat and drink something and go to the bathroom.

5. Clothes: Choose comfortable clothes to travel and it is always important to have a coat next to you so you can avoid the cold you can feel inside the bus because of the air conditioning.

6. Food: Before travelling, avoid eating heavy meals, go easy on fatty food and keep your body hydrous. To avoid problems do not drink alcohol. If you get hungry before the next stop, have with you some snacks, cereal bars, fruits, and water bottles.

7. Unwell: If you have trouble sleeping or nausea, you may want to take some medications that can help you, but do not abuse of sedatives to sleep on the bus. If you are very ill, notify the driver.

8. Listening to music: Always use your headphones to listening to music during the trip. Your fellow passengers do not have to hear the same music as you.

9. Hygiene: Always keep the environment around you clean and organized. By going on the toilet, leave it, as you would like to find it.

10. Return ticket: When planning your trip, consider booking a return ticket in advance. This prevents the lack of bus tickets and seats on the date chosen for the return and price fluctuations.

11. Kids: Do not let children play around on the bus corridor. Include toys and food for the children in your hand luggage and keep them hydrated.